Fr 24. Juni 18.30 Erkerzimmer

Arab Club: Screening of the Jordanian film «Theeb» by Naji Abu Nowar

Oscar-nominated «Theeb» (2014) is a visually stunning story of adventure and suspense. During the First World War, as the Ottoman Empire collapses, an 11-year-old Bedouin boy called Theeb and his older brother accompany a British soldier across the desert. When everything goes wrong, Theeb will need all his courage, cleverness, and determination to face the dangers of a world he does not yet understand.

The young Bedouin actor Jacir Eid brings amazing self-assurance and intensity to the role of Theeb. With its magnificent cinematography and careful character development, Jordanian director Naji Abu Nowar’s first film recalls the westerns of Sergio Leone and Akira Kurosawa.

Benjamin Geer, researcher at the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Basel and previously Visiting Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Middle East Studies Center at the American University in Cairo, will give a short introduction and answer questions after the film about the director.

Free Entry

Film in Arabic / Surtitles and discussion in English

After the film, we have dinner together at the restaurant Karl der Grosse.

Please make a reservation for your place at the table by writing an email to

A Cooperation with MENA. MENA Research Network is an informal network bringing together Switzerland based researchers interested in sharing and discussing research on the contemporary Middle East and North Africa.

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