Di 02. Februar 19.00 Grüne Stube

Zurich Salon: An evening with Gene Editing: Science, Ethics, Art

Zurich Salon invites you to a “fireside” evening discussion and musical performance exploring the latest developments in gene editing, including CRISPR. Where is the current science at? Where are the research and science headed? What are the existing and future risks and possibilities? What role does art play in engaging and helping the public to determine how gene editing science is put to work? Come and share your views with those of our esteemed guests:

Effy Vayena -Professor of health policy, Head of Health Ethics and Policy Lab at UZH
Anirvan Ghosh – Head of Neuroscience Discovery at Roche
James Sievert – Co-author and executive producer of “Test – The Rock Opera”

Our evening will also feature thought-provoking musical interludes by cast members of Test – The Rock Opera! which are designed to spark discussion and debate.


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