Mi 03. Mai 19.00 Saal

Panel: Being at home in the post-migratory society

In 2017, Finland is celebrating its 100th anniversary. It is a celebration of a nation state, of Finland as a homeland. But what meaning do homeland and home in more general terms have in current times, which are marked by mobility? In debates that are linked to this question the concept of post-migratory societies comes up. What are the characteristics of a post-migratory society? How is it to make a home in the post-migratory society and how can we shape it, for example, through science and art?

Panelists: Katharina Morawek (Artistic director, Shedhalle Zürich) and Ahmed Al-Nawas (Art curator, Helsinki)

Moderation: Dr. Laura Hirvi (Director, Finnland-Institut in Deutschland, Berlin)

Eine Veranstaltung von Finnland-Institut und Schweizerische Vereinigung der Freunde Finnlands

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